Everybody loves pugs!

I’ve recently redone my home office where I do the majority of my writing. I love my desk facing out my office’s French doors. My bookcases are filled with published books of writer friends and guides on writing. A whiteboard, bulletin board, and giant Post-it pad are mounted on my wall for brainstorming story ideas. The biggest splurge in redoing my office was a custom-upholstered chair in the corner, an excellent spot for deep thinking.

Except for how it’s always filled with pugs. On any given day you can find me typing away in my office to the gentle symphony of pugs snoring in stereo. It got me thinking.

I’ve recently finished writing a quite serious book. Although it’s hopeful and uplifting, it examines some heavy stuff around mental illness and personal tragedies. It took a lot out of me to write, more than anything else I’ve ever done.

I need a break. Something light and fun and utterly, utterly ridiculous. And my pugs are providing me all the inspiration I need.

Suddenly, rather than being an impediment to brainstorming story ideas, my pugs are generating them all on their own. Because everybody loves pugs! I know I need a book starring a pug.

And not just any old pug.

George Blog 1

George the pug, inspired by my very own dog named George. So the idea for a new book is born, called Elsie and George.

Here’s a helpful side-by-side comparison of my real-life George with his fictional namesake. And one of me and the fictional George’s owner, Elsie.

Real-life George Fictional George
Enjoys eating Enjoys eating
Ate a pencil Ate a page from the magical Book of Thoth
Not psychic Psychic
Understands “breakfast, dinner, walk” Understands English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and a smattering of Romanian
Stubborn Stubborn
One year old One hundred years old
Mortal Immortal
Snores Snores
Bound by laws of physics, sometimes cruelly so when running into glass sliding door Rumored to be able to time-travel
Lives in America Lives in England
Adorable Adorable



Me Elsie
Enjoys eating Enjoys eating
Writer Real estate agent, now runs paranormal business/antiques shop
Lives in America Lives in England
Afraid of ghosts Afraid of ghosts
Dubious fashion sense Stellar fashion sense
Loves wine Loves wine
Happily married Looking for Mr. Right
Thinks pugs are adorable Does not think pugs are adorable
Lovable Lovable, but even more so thanks to her English accent


Check back for updates on how my Elsie and George book is going and the latest on all the shenanigans of the real-life George.


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