George (younger pug in back) and “Uncle” Aubie (the older pug gentleman in forefront)

George and AubieGeorge lives in Colorado with the person he owns, Joy (see photo below), her husband, her three children, another pug that he condescendingly refers to as Uncle Aubie, and a cat named Delilah who provides momentary bursts of amusement when he chases her up the stairs. Two guinea pigs also reside with George. He finds them mildly interesting, but as they only eat vegetables, he grows bored with them rather quickly, having never traveled to Peru to realize the guinea pigs themselves are quite edible.

He allows Joy to write pug fiction inspired by him. When she’s not writing pug fiction, she can be found penning romances and young adult fiction. She also blogs sometimes on her author website http://www.joyjarrettbooks.com. None of that even remotely captures the attention of George since it doesn’t involve either him, bacon, or much discussion of walks and smelling things.

George prides himself on being the goofiest dog imaginable. But occasionally, he’s overcome with a brief urge to be dignified. Unfortunately, that’s when he’s most prone to snoring.

If you ever meet George, you’re his new best friend. And if you happen to have bacon on your person, he’ll love you for life.

JoyYou can see by her smile Joy has the sense of humor necessary for being owned by a pug.