Elsie and George



Me: 29yo single professional. Ambitious. Have a gym membership and not afraid to use it at least semi-annually. 5’6″, silky, manageable hair. Keen sense of fashion. Organizational skills top-notch. Punctual. I’m sensible and practical, but know how to have fun, particularly when shopping for shoes.

Seeks: Tall, strong professional male. Must like cats. Excellent elocution a plus.


Me: 100 year old pug. Immortal, possess psychic skills. Useful for solving hauntings, finding lost items, and occasional time travel. Enjoys food and short walks ending on the couch. Short and stout. Dislike cats.

Seeks: Bacon

Elsie, a Londoner at heart, inherits The Pretentious Ibis Antiques Shop from a distant uncle in a small village. She also gains custody of George, the immortal, psychic pug who powers a lucrative side business of paranormal investigation. Elsie wants nothing more than to continue her career in London, but since she’s magically bound as George’s owner, her fate is tied to his. It makes it tricky to find Mr. Right what with all the new supernatural danger in her life. Not to mention the unscrupulous antiques dealers who would stop at nothing to take George and Elsie for themselves!